New retail in Old Oakland – opening in time for your holiday shopping!

Old Oakland is excited to announce three new retail stores that are scheduled to open just in time for the holidays!

Manifesta Salon

Manifesta is opening on the corner of 9th and Broadway in Old Oakland the second week of December.  We are thrilled to welcome KC, Lindsay and Mireya – three superb Berkeley stylists.  They are excited to be part of Oakland’s growing community.  Stay tuned for more about their community/co-op plan that will allow for a very unique use of the store during office hours.


SOBU will be opening the week before plaid Friday and will be located next to Marion Rose Workshop on 9th Street! In every piece of furniture they create, a spirit and character is bestowed that will travel along with it into your home; from their initial sketches, into the craftsman’s hands, and to the final journey through your door. Each piece is branded with the SOBU spirit as well as a unique marker that identifies it as a handmade product of exclusive and limited lineage. At SOBU they believe in using plantation grown, reclaimed and FSC certified lumber. Each species of wood has it’s own natural character and variation, and they prefer to simply apply water-based sealers and traditional wax finishes. They don’t fill knots and season splits with epoxy or putty, so you can see and experience the real materials. They use fabrics with natural fibers like cotton, linen and wool whenever possible and if we can find recycled aluminum and steel, they use it.  Packaging is a huge issue in the furniture industry and at SOBU they strive to minimize (and eventually eliminate) all non-recyclable materials used in our packaging. If you have kids in the house be sure to let them build some rockets and skyscrapers with their boxes before recycling them.

Flora Cultural Society

Flora Cultural Society will be arranging for a soft opening for Plaid Friday and a full opening in early December! The Flora Cultural Society is opening their first brick and mortar (after having a ‘popup” at The Ferry Bldg in SF).  They have a wonderful “heritage” garden in Old Oakland, near 980 and are eager to educate people about flowers and the process – farm to home concept.  The farm to home concept has happened for food but not flowers yet and they are eager to share their story.  All flowers are varieties that pre-exist 1950 and they utilize all parts of the flower to create oils and other items!
This quaint flower shop will be located in the breezeway in Old Oakland, right off of 9th Street.
Along with Marion Rose Workshop and Unamimart, Old Oakland can be your one stop shopping destination!

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