Old Oakland: A look back in time

Old Oakland has a very interesting story to tell. It begins in the late 1860’s, when the Transcontinental Railway opened its western terminus in Oakland, on Third Street near Broadway. This event marked the beginning of the move of the City’s central district away from the waterfront, a nd northward along Broadway. The prosperity brought […]

Historic Walk Connecting Parks,People in Oakland

Through a unique style of stewardship, 10,000 Steps has been exploring downtown Oakland’s historic parks. Thse parks are Jefferson Square, Lafayette Square, Madison Square, and Lincoln Square.  With this labor of love, 10,000 Steps is creating a permanent meandering neighborhood narrative called ‘Walking the Invisible City’. This looped walk, marked with permanent conversational sidewalk stepping […]

Walking Tour of Old Oakland

From May to October, enjoy walking tours of all of Oakland’s downtown districts, including the historic streets of Old Oakland. Walk through what was once the western terminus of the Transcontinental Railroad! Formerly Oakland’s bustling downtown district in the days of railroads and streetcars, this area’s grand, brick, commercial Victorian buildings, now restored, continue to […]